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Melo doesn't always make for a good story, but it makes a good life.

Ice Cream & Cookies

Keeping it Melo

Melos is the home of the outrageously delicious ice cream sandwiches. We serve incredible flavors of the highest quality ice cream and a fabulous selection of fresh delicious pastries. 

Our ice cream is made from cane sugar, non-GMO ingredients. We have delicious vegan & sugar free options. Create your own yummy dessert by picking your pastry, toppings, and choice of ice cream, mmmmm. 

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"They Call Me Melo Yellow."

- Donovan -


Melo out, it's organic, so don't panic.

Our greens are freshly harvested organic produce. Great for your body and your taste buds. Our greens come from non GMO & CCOF Organic Certified farms. We get daily fresh bread delivered from a family owner bakery. Our meats are Non GMO top cuts, nothing but the best/healthiest ingredients. 


Panini Press, Cold, Toasted, Melted


Contact US


31165 Temecula Parkway G2

Temecula CA 92592

Order may be made in person, via phone call/text

We are currently not accepting online orders. 

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